Summary of the standard sales blog interface template seo

Synthesis of a standard seo blogspot sales interface template, nice design and integrated online shopping cart


[tomtat] Introducing to customers a beautiful flower blog blogspot template, a responsive blog with mobile bootstrap interface that is compatible with all devices. Simple, beautiful interface, optimized for seo standard code. [/tomtat]

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Introducing a beautiful flower blog blogspot template, a simple interface suitable for selling flowers, bonsai or all other products such as:

- Blogspot florist interface

- Blogspot interface selling cosmetics

- Fashionable blogspot interface

- Blogspot interface selling shoes

- Sales blog blog interface ...

Standard designed interface:

- Detailed layout of each item

- Responsive standard bootstrap interface is compatible with all devices

- Lightweight interface, simple

Function of sample:

- Blogspot interface, an online shopping cart design template

- News items for you to write seo post

- Beautiful interface, light fast page loading speed,

- The interface is fully designed as a commercial page, online sales.

Contact to buy samples:

- Author: Hoa Tran

- Facebook: fb/

- Phone: 097 1539 681

- Email:


- A nice sales blogspot template, a responsive bootstrap blogspot interface. You should not skip this form.




Blogspot product template has a nice sales standard, compatible with all devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Pc, Mobile, a beautiful bootstrap interface suitable for sales blogspot website.


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Introduce sales blog interface template:

Introduce to customers who use blogspot as a seo-standard sales website, the latest interface I code my own blogspot flower bonsai template, blogspot selling beautiful bonsai tree interface, suitable as a blogspot display flower selling website , trees.

Sample blogspot sales interface is beautifully designed, lightweight, fast page load speed. Designed a beautiful 404 error page.

This sales blogger interface is beautifully designed, suitable as a sales blog website, can sell other items such as cosmetics, fashion, shoes ...

Highlights in this form:

- Automatically calculate% discount

- Automatically calculate the discounted amount.

- Integrated mini cart just below the cart icon for easy operation.

- Display notification when clicking on purchases

- Display notifications of customers who have purchased manually installed.

- The newest interface on my blogspot code is currently not in the 2nd version.

- Nice light interface has optimized code

Function of sales blogspot template:

- Integrated online shopping cart, customers will notify you by email to help you track orders.

- Integrated news displayed on the homepage, to help you write articles, seo articles by news articles.

The layout is fully designed:

- This blogspot template sales interface I have designed a sectional layout, easy to manipulate and manage.

- Add, delete, edit utilities easily and quickly.

- Optimize css, optimize js to increase the fastest loading of pages.

- Especially very nice interface

Contact to buy samples:

- Author: Hoa Tran (Hoa Tran Blogger)

- Facebook: fb/

- Phone: 097 1539 681

- Email: