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[tomtat] This is a blogspot template selling electronics, electrical appliances, electronic items such as TVs, computers, washing machines ... The interface is designed beautifully compact and designed mobile responsive standards . [/tomtat]


Introduce you blogspot template selling electronics, electronic components, beautiful interface standard blog code.

This is a template I designed, the interface is not too picky, suitable for making simple sales blog templates, seo, blogger theme is designed with a mobile interface that is compatible with all devices.

Layout interface is designed with 2 beautiful columns, itemizing each product, customers can easily manage and manage their products on the website.

Products on the home page are designed as horizontal slides, very convenient, neat, integrated online shopping cart interface, showing notifications when clicking purchases.

The product view is designed with a slide show of product images for customers to easily observe the product sold.

Conclusion: A simple and simple selling blogspot template.

Contact to buy samples:

- Author: Hoa Tran Blgoger

- Facebook: fb/hoatran.gl

- Phone: 097 1539 681

- Email: tranhoa1991gl@gmail.com

- Website: https://www.dungdhsphn.com


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