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[tomtat] This can be said to be a beautiful sales blogger template suitable for all supermarket items, the interface is designed beautifully mobile, compatible with all device screens. [/tomtat]


This sales blogspot template is designed to show you all products like supermarkets, department stores and general products.

The interface is well designed, classifies each item on the homepage, optimizes the code, optimizes the blogspot meta tag label, the interface on the homepage is divided into 2 columns that are suitable for a sales blogspot template.

What's new in this form:

- Integrating shopping cart for this sales blogspot template

- Show notification when buying

- Beautifully designed blogspot interface, banner slides, very nice horizontal slide products.

- The interface is fully designed from the layout to the details of each item.

- Menu hierarchy easy product classification

- All functions of a complete sales model.

This can be an ideal sales blogspot template, diverse items, you should not ignore this sales blogspot template.

Contact to buy samples:

- Author: Hoa Tran (Hoa Tran Blogger)

- Facebook: fb/hoatran.gl

- Email: tranhoa1991gl@gmail.com

- Phone: 097 1539 681

- Website: https://www.dungdhsphn.com

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